Felicity has been reviewing my work for years and I would recommend her services without hesitation. Beyond her keen eye and strong sense of character and narrative, she brings to any project an ample worldview and complex understanding of numerous genres and cultures. If what you need is an editor capable of discerning flaws in logic or consistency, or a lack of focus or development, look no further.
I have had the pleasure and the privilege of working with Felicity both professionally and as a colleague writer, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any job related to anything in the range of developmental editing, manuscript critiques, work-in-progress beta reading, query letters, or even just good old copy-editing. If you need someone with a sharp eye and a lovely disposition, Felicity is your editor. 
Felicity can see the "big picture" of a piece of writing, identifying its strengths and the places where it could be made stronger, and she delivers her suggestions with special skill. As an author herself, she knows how hard writing is and how exciting it is. She brings empathy as well as experience to the task of developmental editing.
Felicity has been a colleague of mine for more than seven years and has helped me with edits on several of my novels. She combines a sharp eye for detail with a firm grasp of overall plot and character arcs. An experienced editor and a talented writer of fiction and nonfiction, Felicity understands both sides of the writing process.
Felicity Hughes’ developmental editing helped me focus my project as it moved from a collection of scenes and characters towards a structured narrative. Her insights always pushed the story in a more dynamic direction. Anyone who’s at the stage where they need a second set of eyes to help bring order to the maze of their own thoughts on the page will benefit from her expertise.
Felicity copy-edited and proofread my novel with sensitivity and insight. I was impressed by her attention to detail and the efficiency with which everything came together. I look forward to working with her again in the future.