A close line-by-line reading of your text to address any problems with correct grammar usage, unclear phrasing, continuity issues, awkward transitions, and repetition. If you’re planning on self-publishing your novel, this is an essential step in the process of preparing your manuscript for public consumption. Though I do recommend you also sign up for a final proofread, this process should eliminate most typos in your manuscript.

The process addresses the following areas:

  • awkward or unclear language
  • correct word choice
  • eradicating clichés and repetitions
  • continuity errors
  • transitions
  • spelling and grammar
  • redundancies
  • punctuation
  • dialogue presentation
  • POV issues

All prospective clients receive a free sample edit, which allows them to get a sense of my editing style with no obligation to proceed. Once I’ve completed the edit, I will provide you with a quote.

Timeframe: 6 to 8 weeks