Felicity Hughes freelance journalist
Felicity Hughes is the main contributor to Japan Pulse: a blog for Japan Times, providing up to the minute information on new trends

Felicity Hughes W

hether it be reporting on giant insect battles or augmented reality applications, I tell the story straight, while bending my mind round the twists and turns of Japan's wildest subcultures. Specialising in consumer trends, art and design, music, travel, and cuisine, I write a trend blog for Japan Times called Japan Pulse and am the deputy editor of Hiragana Times bilingual magazine.

...Skilled at providing insight into Japanese culture for audiences abroad

In addition Iíve written for a number of online and print publications including: Bon, The Guardian, ANA's in-flight magazine, Wingspan, The Bookseller and The Wire. I am skilled at providing insight into Japanese culture for audiences abroad and though Iíll never distort the truth for a cheap laugh, my good sense of humour comes through in my writing.

When Iím not scribbling notes or fine tuning phrases I tend to be out and about indulging my appetites; whether it be for the succulent taste of raw horse meat or the scintillating underground sounds of an Osaka noise-core band, my tastes are pretty broad and these experiences add extra depth to my writing.